Vision and Innovation

Market needs are the key driver of innovation. Our challenge is to put forward solutions before needs become requests. Our slitter rewinders and relevant complementary machines are constantly optimised, both in terms of technology and energy efficiency, but also as to simplicity and practicality of use.

From a partnership with customers to solutions that anticipate their needs

It is our ongoing direct interaction with customers, focusing on their requirements, that allows us to develop an innovative range of effective technology solutions applied to packaging machines.

It is our consulting approach that drives our innovative strength.

In the past, the great innovative content of the TF single-face slitter rewinder stood as an example of the small, yet great, revolutions that BIMEC can bring about.
That particular slitter rewinder featured, among its distinctive qualities, the pluses of two different machines combined into one: the simplicity and ergonomics of the STM50 single-face design and the speed, technology, ancillary features and equipment of the TCA.

A place of shared innovation

The pre-existing approach, based on sharing technology and listening carefully to every single customer requirement, was greatly boosted by BIMEC moving to the new headquarters in 2018. Since then, thanks to the extensive area reserved to R&D, Bimec has applied a virtuous concept of "open factory", where customers can collaborate with the company to study and test new customised solutions, developed together.

Next step: B|Box

You can (sort of) see it in the first “episode” of our 2020 advertising campaign; B|Box is the new entry this year: a synergy of solutions, innovation and technology.
In the coming weeks, we will reveal further details up to the actual launch, scheduled for next autumn.

The most avant-garde technology offers one advantage:

it does not require large spaces, just like good ideas, and B|Box is a mix of both.
Add to this over 40 years’ experience, resulting in a deep knowledge of what customers really need.

You can expect great things, condensed into one, small place.

The most avant-garde technology is super equipped.

BBOX is an automatic change slitter with separate unwinder, overhead web path and winding inside the bridge, but the news is the addition and integration of fully automatic and semi-automatic technical solutions, introduced to decrease downtimes between each work cycle.

The most avant-garde technology combined with high productivity are at your complete disposal.

Space-saving: BBOX can be placed in small spaces and managed compactly

Flexible: the setup times of BBOX are very fast

Ergonomic: the particular configuration and integration of the new devices allows the operator to be in the unloading position for most of the time, to let him take care of the packaging phase of the reels while keeping the main areas of the machine under control: unwinder, winding, and unloading.


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